SiteScout - Know When Your Website is Down

Know When Your Website is Down

(Before your customers find out for you)

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Start Tracking Your Downtime in Seconds

Simple site monitoring tools that just work

Error Reporting

SiteScout isn’t overbuilt or complex. We check your site every minute and let you know if its down. No more wasted ad budget or lost customers!

Simple Setup

SiteScout doesn’t require a plugin or fancy JavaScript tags. Just pop in a domain and an email address for alerts. That’s it.

Load Time Reporting

Your customers don’t have time for a slow site. Know if site performance or load times drop by 50% or more.

Timely Notifications

We only alert you when there’s a problem. We won’t flood your inbox each minute with updates on your site health (unless you like that sort of thing). We’ll let you focus on your business.